Have you been feeling the excitement in the air these past few days as the holidays approach? At the end of a very busy year, with a few more important projects left to finalize before the year draws to a close, a move to organize before the beginning of January, and new projects to prepare for 2020, the Montréal InVivo team is in its final sprint – which I imagine is the case for most of you too.

To end the year right, we held the first meeting of our new think tank on medical cannabis. And what a great meeting it was! We brought together close to 20 people from the research sector, the government, clinics and the major industry players in Québec and Canada. We could see that everyone seemed very happy with the opportunity to meet one another and collectively address the various issues but also the opportunities this young industry has to offer. In this group, there is a real willingness to find ways to improve the gathering of evidence-based information, raise awareness and train the different audiences concerned and foster collaborations between public research and industry stakeholders. Montréal InVivo has new management and I admit, it is so exciting to dive into the unknown and see that we can bring much value added to a new industry segment and its players.

Had you seen our invitation sent out to SMEs to apply to take part in the Niagara Investment Summit? This partnership with OBIO, made possible thanks to Pfizer’s financial support, will allow us to take over the registration fees of Québec companies and send these companies to pitch to Ontario and U.S. venture capital funds. In return, an equivalent number of Ontario companies will participate in EFFERVESCENCE 2020. In total, 11 Québec companies will be attending the summit in February. Mission accomplished!

The year 2020 will be filled with new developments at Montréal InVivo. In addition to a new address, the team will finally be complete once again in January when Sabrina comes back and new people join the team. Also, a new website and a new visual identity will be announced in late January. Stay tuned!

Finally, I would like to wish you and yours a great holiday season. Spend time with your friends and family and don’t forget to play outside. We look forward to seeing you again in 2020!

Frank Béraud