I suspect no one will be surprised if I revisit the subject of EFFERVESCENCE today. The event was a success and the organizing team should feel proud. All of the objectives set were achieved. Imagine! There were 555 people registered, 230 official B2B meetings were held via web platform, 14 co-organizers were involved, 27 sponsors were mobilized, more than 50 people worked tirelessly over those two days at the TOHU and, especially, content of a very high caliber was delivered in an innovative format, in an atmosphere brimming with creativity.

I saw many smiling faces at the event and couldn’t help but notice that 8:30, the evening of the cocktail, many people were still deep in conversation. Those moments are a reflection of the friendly atmosphere of EFFERVESCENCE. I also witnessed a number of impromptu meetings between individuals who left in the end with the possibility of embarking on a partnership or a collaboration. This was precisely what we were aiming for through this event: ensure that conversions would take place. I can truly say: mission accomplished!

We still need to do the detailed post-mortem of the event and then make a decision. But I’d be curious to know what you think. Would you be interested in taking part in EFFERVESCENCE 2020?

Even if such an event calls for a lot of energy, it is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. The Federal Affairs Table met recently and one of the priority topics addressed was that of next fall’s federal elections. It will be very critical that our sector position itself quickly and make a point of meeting this summer with the candidates running for office in order to reinforce the messages contained in the report of the Health and Bio-sciences Table (HBEST). The recommendations related to the creation of anchor companies in Canada and those on the broadening of R&D tax credits strike me as priorities worthy of defending. And of course, the need for alignment between economic policies and those of Health Canada remains a complex issue to take the time to explain to the candidates intending to run in this election. As usual, coordinated action with the other provinces and federally-driven organizations on these topics will be recommended.

I would be curious to know what messages concerning our sector you would like to address with your candidate. Should you like me to share such messages, please write me by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.