To “weather the storm” is to deal with a very difficult problem and prepare for adversity without knowing exactly what awaits us. This expression really conveys the idea of what might happen next summer, after the changes to be made to the PMPRB have been implemented. The recent election didn’t change the situation to the point that we might think the reform will be set aside, on the contrary. We must therefore think about how to minimize its impacts on Quebec’s life sciences and health technology sector.

This is a reflection I would like to initiate with the cluster’s Issues Monitoring and Management Strategic Committee and that is going to have to rely on the usual creativity of the members of our sector to find innovative solutions to the issues that affect us. BioQuébec recently published a study on the public policy and financing needs for Québec SMEs. Some of the recommendations contained in the study provide part of the answer and create a Québec advantage. The reflection will have to expands, however, to include all of the stakeholders affected by this issue and this is what we plan to do in the months to come.

At the beginning of October, we announced a partnership with the City of Montréal to support women’s entrepreneurship. I am very proud of this announcement because we are therefore giving ourselves the means to better accompany and support women entrepreneurs in life sciences and health technologies. Gender equity and parity in leadership positions in our sector are achieved through the development of a pool of quality female talent in key areas of business management. Entrepreneurship is therefore an important, necessary approach to representing diversity in these areas.  

The first concrete action arising from this partnership is the creation of bursaries dedicated to women to participate in the next cohort of the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program (registration is open). Other projects stemming from this partnership will be implemented next year and will be monitored by Montréal InVivo’s parity and diversity committee. Until then, I welcome your ideas and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to share them with me.


Frank Béraud