Efficient Data Management to Make Strategic Decisions

Data. Everyone talks about it. Let’s face it: it’s THE topic of the day. But what can it really do and what impact will it have on your company over time? The way in which your company defines its strategy related to data and its approach in this will make a crucial difference in your ability to remain competitive in the market. In fact, it’s often reported that when data is of poor or bad quality, it can cost companies no less than 20 to 35% of their operating revenues. A simple example, but powerful and costly for companies nonetheless. What it shows is that companies must have processes, systems and tools in place to help them convert data into useful and usable information for a better organizational performance. As a matter of fact, if well-managed, access to high-quality data in real time can help you make more intelligent decisions and enable you to be more proactive and agile than your competitors.

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