Editorial of Frank Béraud - April 2018

Editorial of Frank Béraud
Published on
April 5, 2018
The Québec budget announced last week included several pieces of good news, including the injection of $52.5 million into the Québec Life Science Strategy. Personally, what most drew my attention in the budget documents was the very issue of access to health data. I had the great satisfaction to see that this long-standing request of the life sciences sector had finally been heard. We saw that by choosing the Institut de la santé publique du Québec as an entry point for access to Québec health data and by giving it the financial means to dedicate the resources needed to achieve this much-awaited access, what the government was in fact doing was walking the talk. From my conversations during closed sessions in Québec City, I sensed a willingness to quickly implement everything, by the fall. This is very good news! The budget also prioritizes training and the next generation of life sciences leaders in Québec. It’s an aspect that we take very seriously here at Montréal InVivo. We have launched a study addressing the matter of aligning training and employment in the life sciences sector as well as a study on best practices in continuing education. The results of these studies planned for this fall will enable us to direct our actions and fuel our Round table on key expertise building scheduled to (re)start very soon. We are also pleased to count on the remarkable investment made by Pfizer Canada in several of our entrepreneurship support initiatives, including our Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program. In addition to these amounts which will give us the ability to go further in our projects, what impresses me most about Pfizer’s decision is that a very large pharmaceutical company is going ahead and deciding to play an active role in the growth of other companies within its own ecosystem. This is symptomatic of a business environment sending the message that it is the right time to invest in life sciences in Québec.

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