Editorial of Frank Béraud - December 2018

Editorial of Frank Béraud
Published on
December 17, 2018

The year is nearly over… And what an exciting year it has been!

While we are busy finishing off our 2018 projects, we are already looking towards 2019 and beyond. In fact, INFOINVIVO is coming out a little later this month, because I wanted to wait for the first session of the Montréal InVivo Partners’ Committee to occur. And I must say, the result far exceeds my expectations. More than 40 participants worked together, in workshops, to identify and prioritize the issues and opportunities that could have an impact on our ecosystem in the short and medium terms and to imagine potential concrete actions. I must say that the contribution of the many senior executives from the sector who were present during these discussions shed very interesting light on the future prospects of our sector, among other things, on market access, corporate development, innovation research, development of the talent pool and promotion. We are now going to prioritize all these elements based on their impacts and our ability to effectively carry them out. There is no question that this meeting marks the first step in the cluster’s next strategic planning cycle.

One of the short-term issues which we must face is the next federal budget. As you know, each of the Economic Strategy Tables filed its report with Minister Bains this fall. That on biosciences and health proposes very interesting recommendations. They were presented to our ecosystem and were very favourably received by the entire sector. The challenge now is to ensure that these recommendations find themselves in the federal government’s 2019 budget. This budget cycle is critical where we are concerned. It is therefore important that we quickly and intensively mobilize around this issue. I am preparing with the members of the Table dedicated to federal affairs a short-term action plan. But we are going to need your support to get the message across to the various decision-makers in Ottawa. So, if during the holidays or in January, you have the opportunity to meet your MP or anyone else of influence in Ottawa, go ahead and speak about our industry and the specific recommendations contained in the report.

And since year-end holiday season is around the corner, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays! I look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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