Editorial of Frank Béraud - February 2019

Editorial of Frank Béraud
Published on
February 6, 2019

A little under two years after it was launched, “Innovation comes to life,” the Québec Life Sciences Strategy, made an undeniable impact on our sector. This government strategy, which is ambitious and rooted in our reality put Québec at the forefront of life sciences in Canada, causing our neighbours in Ontario and elsewhere in the country to stop and take notice. To everyone’s satisfaction, the vast majority of measures announced in the Strategy have been – or are currently being – implemented. It is a sound strategy that the new government must absolutely support and even enhance. This is the idea that I in fact had the opportunity to recently express to the Québec Minister of Finance during the pre-budget consultations. 

There is, however, one measure that should quickly rise in the list of priorities: that of defining a “Québec advantage” in life sciences. As the storm clouds gather in Ottawa over some of our industrial partners, jeopardizing their levels of investment in Canada, it is even more important for Québec to differentiate itself and be considered the obvious, logical choice for these investments. Well thought-out public policies developed concurrently with the sector will confirm Québec’s and Montréal’s attractiveness for private investments from industry. It is high time to get this job done!

We have other reasons to be excited and enthusiastic about our sector in Québec. On January 26, I had the chance the attend the “Pitch Perfect” session that closed the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program and was both impressed by and proud of the quality of the presentations and of how far the participants in this first cohort have come. These are tomorrow’s leaders and they are now better equipped than ever to achieve success in our sector! The second edition of this program should be just as exciting and the new cohort will start on February 22. There are only a few spots left for those who are interested!

We will also have the opportunity to celebrate this spring with the event EFFERVESCENCE 2019. Its website and registration are already online and the program looks extremely interesting and enticing. Sign up, get out there and spread the information in your networks! Convince your friends, colleagues and partners to sign up too! I am convinced that you will adore your experience. Together, let’s make this unifying, innovative event a real success!

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