Editorial of Frank Béraud - March 2018

Editorial of Frank Béraud
Published on
March 5, 2018
When I present the life sciences sector to someone unfamiliar with it, I inevitably end up speaking about its value chain, and explain that in the vast majority of cases, this chain’s starting point is research. Public, fundamental or applied research. It’s a factor that sets our sector apart from the others. This connection between research in public laboratories and industrial research is not found as acutely in the other industrial clusters where engineering is, arguably, more present. In order to continue to fuel the province’s economic development, free, leading-edge, risky and breakthrough research must therefore continue to be supported and encouraged in Quebec and in Canada. The previous provincial budget allocated increased funding to the Fonds de recherche Québec, which is very good news. Furthermore, a significant move by the federal government was expected following the recent Naylor report. I feel that the $4 billion in investments announced in the recent federal budget meets these expectations. Science and fundamental research are establishing their well-deserved position in Canada. We have certainly caught up, but to actually take the lead, we will have to focus on a collaborative approach, an approach that truly leverages our strengths. We need to strive to break down research silos by sharing data. Open data, accessible to all researchers, in a structured, safe and ethical way, are key to future advances. This is even more true in the health field. Let’s have the courage to take action for the scientific community, a community in need of this data. To do what, how exactly, using what kind of structure? Let’s join together to discuss this and together we will find a modus operandi that will meet everyone’s needs and that will facilitate future discoveries and revolutionize the medical practice.

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