Editorial of Frank Béraud – May 2018

Editorial of Frank Béraud
Published on
May 5, 2018
Almost exactly two years ago, during a very interesting speech at our 2016 General Meeting, we were one of the first to speak about the potential of artificial intelligence applied to health. Here we are, two years later, and artificial intelligence is everywhere: in all the conversations, at all the conferences, with millions of dollars being invested in it in Montréal and elsewhere in Canada. Basically, artificial intelligence has become unavoidable. In the words of one of my board members, it is important at this point to bring a bit of coherence to all this excitement. The cluster intends to play this role by creating its strategic committee on artificial intelligence in life sciences. The purpose of this new strategic committee is to ensure that the needs of the LSHT sector in artificial intelligence are well understood and properly addressed. Like all the other strategic committees in the cluster, this one will work closely and collaboratively with the other more generalist players in the AI community and build bridges with those in the life sciences sector. I recently had several conversations with key players in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly at a round table we organized for American journalists visiting Montréal. I have learned that the issues of a workforce specialized in data science, access to health or research data and those issues related to the development responsible for shaping this technology will certainly be on the list of discussions had by our strategic committee. I therefore invite you to share with us your ideas, suggestions and proposals for projects to fuel the work of our strategic committee. Even if several projects and businesses were created to develop concrete applications of artificial intelligence in life sciences in recent months, we need to recognize that our sector is a little behind the others. And yet, even if I’m not denying that there is a certain interest in improving the consumer shopping experience, only artificial intelligence applied to our sector has the power to truly change people’s lives… It’s now up to us to deliver on this promise.

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