At the end of the last Training-skills-employment adequacy diagnosis for the life sciences and health technologies sector published in 2019 confirms the existence of a generalized shortage of professionals with IT skills and indicates that it is in the LSHT sector that this shortage is most glaring. In this context, Montréal InVivo, Pharmabio Développement, Université de Montréal, Qualifications Québec and Collège Ahuntsic, with the financial participation of the Conseil emploi métropole, have decided to set up a qualifying path that will allow candidates to acquire the skills which it lacks to meet industrial needs.

Description of this projet

The Continuum qualifying path is a project that offers an innovative solution to match training and employment. It is about creating the bridge between the needs of a boiling job market and candidates who already have basic training and skills, but for whom further training and practical experience are essential to ensure good integration and retention in employment.

In addition to offering a solution to the lack of manpower in a cutting-edge data science sector, the project aims to develop a training course both on campus and in business, while supporting candidates and companies. throughout the process. This adequacy with the working environment is imperative for the project. The plan for this training will be developed in such a way as to fill the gaps between the skills of the candidates and the needs identified by the host companies.

Numbers of Continuum

months of formation
expert in bioinformatics, biostatistics and computationnal biology

Continuum works to consolidate an essential support ecosystem for talent development. It helps to optimize the development of skills and sets up collaboration between partners: educational institutions, labor market players, candidates and companies.

Claudie Noël, Montreal-InVivo

Benefits of taking part in Continuum

Filling a labor need with a candidate tailored to the company
Possibility of financial assistance for the apprentice's salary
Support for mentoring within the company or the possibility of having an external mentor
Participate in an innovative pilot project that promotes collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors
Possibility of support for the digital development of the company (project to be analyzed for feasibility)
Integration of the apprentice into a practical community in data sciences to exchange good practices with other experts

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