Looking at clinical trials and rare diseases with Dr. Jacques Michaud

12/06/16 ' icon

Rare disease remainly widely misunderstood and overlooked and have but a few treatment options. However, genomics, which studies a human being’s genetic material as a whole, opens the door to a better understanding of rare diseases and therefore to new possibilities for treatment. 

On the occasion of BIO 2016, Dr. Jacques Michaud, pediatrician and geneticist-physician, agreed to grant us an interview on the topic:

- Can we state that genomics has revolutionized research on rare diseases? 
- In addition to fundamental research, do you believe that Greater Montréal is an attractive region to carry out clinical trials for orphan drugs? 
- For what reasons have big pharmaceutical companies become more interested in rare diseases in the past few years?
- Would greater collaboration between the pharmaceutical companies and groups of patients accelerate the process of developing drugs for rare diseases? 
- The Orphan Drug Act (ODA), adopted in the United States in 1983, has proven effective in stimulating the development of new treatments for rare diseases. Would Canada benefit from similar incentives?

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