Recommendations in view of the 2017-2018 provincial budget (French only)

Montréal InVivo
23/02/17 ' icon

- Implement in the LSHT strategic framework a permanent dialogue between the LSHT sector and the government in order to contribute to the stability of the business environment and build on the support of the knowledge of the Montréal Invivo cluster in terms of collaboration and mobilization to maintain this dialogue
- Promote the emergence of a large-scale funding vehicle ($500 million +) in Canada and one that is dedicated to growing life sciences companies in order to ensure that they remain Québec-owned
- Create the Québec bureau of health innovation reporting directly to the Minister of Health and grant this official an operating budget to implement impact-generating actions
- Develop a policy of openness and governance of with respect to the health databanks and grant the mandate to manage to manage them to a neutral, accountable organization with the required specialized expertise.

Read the complete report to understand the challenges, solutions and conclusions.

*Document available in French only

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