What is a Living Lab? (French only)

Patrick Dubé, Joëlle Sarrailh, Christophe Billebaud, Claire Grillet, Virginie Zingraff, Isabelle Kostecki
01/03/14 ' icon

Living Labs have emerged as a new approach to innovation in which users are no longer seen as an object of investigation but rather as key players in the innovation process. 

Giving back to users this power to innovate in their real-life environments has fueled the exceptional growth of this movement worldwide and has revived the hope that, in these "living" ecosystems, users and, even better, communities and citizens, may contribute significantly to the co-creation of solutions addressing our existing societal issues, encompassing economic growth, well-being within an aging state of humanity and protection of the planet. 

Discover the white paper of Living Labs.

*Document available in French only

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