Health technologies

Health technologies form a significant niche in the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) community. In fact, the number of jobs in this sector, as well as the companies established, never ceases to grow.

jobs in Québec

Personnalized Healthcare

The purpose of Personnalized HealthCare, or precision medicine, is to use innovative technologies to better personalize the treatment of a patient, not only based on his or her environment and lifestyle, but also on his or her genomic profile and biomarkers present in his or her system.

million in funding from the CIHR for PHC projects


Patient survival has increased for several types of cancer over the past few years. Cancer causes, the way it develops and the best practices for treating it are now better known. The progress made over the last few years is related to improvements made in cancer screening, treatment improvements, and certain lifestyle changes, particularly a decrease in tobacco use. Thus, diagnostic methods and treatment options evolve and multiply.

new treatment out of 4 that is intended for this sector

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