Private companies

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Natural health
  • Medical technologies
  • Biotechnology
  • CRO
  • IT Health
  • CMO

  • Industry’s supplier chain
  • Public research centres

Proportion of jobs5: 30,819 in private companies, 14,300 in the industry’s supplier chain, 11,000 in public research centres.

Montréal is ranked 10th among the metropolitan regions active in LSHT in North America and 1st for operating costs.1

More than 56,000 direct jobs in LSHT in Québec, of which close to 80% are concentrated in the Montréal metropolitan area, distributed with Industry (45,000) and public research centres (11,000).5

The Montréal LSHT sector is comprised of 93% of SMEs with fewer than 200 employees.

Approximately 650 companies active in LSHT in Québec and 12% of them have more than 100 employees.


  • World-class universities
  • Faculties of medicine
  • Engineering schools
  • Technical cégeps (colleges)
  • Research centres of university hospitals including specialties in pediatrics

Eight higher education institutions offer LSHT programs in the Montréal metropolitan area.

Québec is ranked 6th in North America for its number of academic institutions and for its mass of Ph.D. graduates in LSHT4.

6,000 students in programs related to the health industries obtain their degree each year4.


  • Montréal
  • Province of Québec

In the LSHT5 industry, Montréal alone contributes to 79% of GDP, an amount totalling $4.5 billion, out of $5.8 billion of Québec’s GDP. 

The LSHT sector creates 75% more value-added per direct job than all the other economic sectors in Québec4.

Québec is ranked 6th in North America in relation to the share of total R&D expenses, all sectors combined, with respect to its GDP4.


  • 1. Québec
  • 2. Alberta
  • 3. Ontario
  • 4. British Colombia
  • 5. Florida
  • 6. North Carolina
  • 7. Texas
  • 8. Illinois
  • 9. Minnesota
  • 10. Pennsylvania
  • 11. Connecticut
  • 12. New Jersey
  • 13. New York
  • 14. Massachusetts
  • 15. California

Québec ranks 1st in the pharmaceutical, clinical trial management and medical device sectors.

Scientific publications from Québec stand apart in 4 disciplines in which Québec ranks 6th in biology, 7th in chemistry, 10th in clinical medicine and 11th in biomedical research4, out of 15 jurisdictions in North America.

Québec ranks 3rd in biomedical R&D4 out of 15 jurisdictions in North America.


  • 1. Québec
  • 2. Alberta
  • 3. Ontario
  • 4. British Colombia
  • 5. Florida
  • 6. North Carolina
  • 7. Texas
  • 8. Illinois
  • 9. Minnesota
  • 10. Pennsylvania
  • 11. Connecticut
  • 12. New Jersey
  • 13. New York
  • 14. Massachusetts
  • 15. California

1st in North America for its low operating costs in LSHT with a 23% cost benefit4.

Lower salaries by an average of 2% to 10% compared to those in large North American urban centres specialized in LSHT2.

Favourable tax rate and R&D tax burden 2 to 5 times lighter than that of other large Western cities.

The Montréal metropolitan area is ranked 1st in North America and 2nd globally among all the 55 major international cities with more than two million citizens studied with respect to their tax burdens2.


  • 1. Massachusetts
  • 2. Connecticut
  • 3. Pennsylvania
  • 4. North Carolina
  • 5. New York
  • 6. Minnesota
  • 7. California
  • 8. Québec
  • 9. British Colombia
  • 10. Ontario
  • 11. Illinois
  • 12. Alberta
  • 13. Texas
  • 14. New Jersey
  • 15. Florida

Québec has successfully positioned 8th in North America for the granting of public research funds out of 15 jurisdictions4.

Québec is ranked 2nd for government assistance out of 15 jurisdictions in North America. Out of the 11 projects identified between 2013 and 2015, 3 involved incentives greater than US$10 million4.

Presence of 80 subsidiaries of world-class international companies.

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