We all know the important role data plays in our sector. Of course, we often talk about health data. The introduction of Bill 3 (which replaces the previous Bill 19) has put this important issue back on the agenda of conversations for the sector, which needs to be proactive in proposing the necessary improvements to this bill.

There is also another type of data that is very important for life sciences in Québec. We collectively need to be able to rely on a certain number of performance indicators to describe our sector, in terms of its importance and its impact. We also like to be able to compare ourselves to other sectors of activity, to other regions and to set growth and development objectives. The collection of this descriptive data and these indicators is already a priority for Montréal InVivo and will continue to be so next year. We will be pleased to share such data with you so that we can all take ownership thereof and gain a common understanding of our sector’s impact.

This survey allows the Ministère not only to paint a picture of our sector but also to adjust support measures to benefit businesses and the ecosystem, based on the findings. More than ever, in the current context of labour shortages and economic uncertainty, this survey is relevant for all of us. I encourage you to complete it quickly, before the start of the holiday period. If you did not receive it by email, click here.

It is now time for me to wish everyone, on behalf of the entire MIV team, a very happy holiday, and may you enjoy the beauty and pleasure of the season. I look forward to seeing you all in 2023!