Montréal InVivo relies on governance that is both mobilizing and representative of the diversity of the various actors in the cluster. As such, an almost equal number of seats on the board of directors is reserved for industry representatives and for representatives of public institutions. In addition, each segment of our sector is represented equally on the board of directors and no sector prevails over the others. The board oversees the organization’s major strategic directions. Strategic governance is overseen by an executive committee comprised of five members from the board, including the chair and vice-chair.

In 2018, the Board of directors created two committees to assist the general management with more operational aspects, Governance/Nominations/the Human Resources Committee and the Audit/Finance Committee.

Board members


Martin Leblanc*


I am convinced of the relevance of the work carried out by Montréal InVivo and its impact within the sector and I am proud to be able to contribute to its growth. The mobilization of all the players in the cluster is a major strength of Montréal InVivo and we will continue to develop large-scale projects that benefit the entire ecosystem.

Vice-chairman of the board

Diane Gosselin*

Consortium québécois sur la découverte du médicament CQDM


Secretary-trasurer of the board

Pierre Falardeau*

Consultation Pharm-Asset Inc.



Frank Béraud*

Président-directeur général, Montréal InVivo

Cédric Bisson*

Teralys Capital Inc.

Sonia Bélanger

CIUSSS Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

Dominique Bérubé

Université Concordia/Paula Wood-Adams

Véronique Bougie


Benoît Boulet

Université McGill

Fabrice Brunet


Marie-Ève Côté


Pierre Falardeau


Geneviève Guertin

Fond de solidarité FTQ

Diane Gosselin


Yves Joanette

Université de Montréal




Martin LeBlanc


Alexandre LeBouthillier


Christine Lennon

Incyte Biosciences Canada

Catherine Lunardi


Gordon McCauley*

adMare BioInnovations

Jacques Milette


Andrew Plank

Roche Diagnostics Canada

Jean-Maurice Plourde

Honorary Member, Montréal InVivo

Rémi Quirion

Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ)

Dr. Rhian Touyz



* Members of the Executive Committee

Executive committee

Frank Béraud

Member of the Board

Holding more than 25 years of experience in the life sciences sector, Mr. Béraud has particularly acquired a solid expertise in business development. With a background in sales and marketing within multinationals in the field of clinical diagnostics, his career path has led him to assume responsibility for business development for an SME in the domain of biotechnology, in addition to working as a consultant within the industry as well as a technology transfer organization. Mr. Béraud has also worked on managing the policies and strategic development of an industrial association in the life sciences sector before joining Montréal InVivo’s team. Highly socially engaged in education, the health and homelessness, he currently chairs the board of directors of the charitable organization Cancer Computer, which aims to provide leading researchers with the computing power of refurbished supercomputers.

Cédric Bisson

Member of the Board

Cédric Bisson has extensive experience across Canada, USA and Europe creating, building and advising businesses in biopharmaceuticals, healthcare and the innovation sector in general. He is passionate about growing Canada as a premier environment for innovation, and during his career has structured and executed over $3 B in transactions in funds and companies. Mr. Bisson is currently partner at Teralys Capital where he focuses on healthcare and life sciences investments, as well as growth opportunities. Teralys Capital is Canada’s largest private innovation-focused investor, financing funds and companies in IT, life sciences, and clean or industrial innovations, from early stage start-ups to expansion, growth and technology buy-outs. He was previously managing partner for life sciences at iNovia Capital in Montreal, Calgary and the USA, a private venture capital firm aimed at entrepreneurship and company building. Prior to this, he spent many years internationally at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he was a leader in the biopharma, healthcare and innovation practices in New York City, Paris, Montreal, and Toronto.

Pierre Falardeau

Secretary-treasurer of the Board

Since May 2018, Pierre Falardeau has been the Innovation Leader at Bio-K plus International, a biotech company engaged in the development, production, marketing and distribution of value-added probiotic products on a sound scientific basis. From 2010 to 2018, he was President and Chief Executive Officer at Verlyx Pharma, a private, clinical-stage company that develops products for the treatment of inflammatory liver diseases. From 2002 to 2007, Dr. Falardeau was President and Chief Executive Officer at Ecopia Biosciences Inc. In 2007, the merger of Ecopia Biosciences with Caprion Pharmaceuticals resulted in the formation of ThaLion Pharmaceuticals, of which he was Chief Operating Officer until 2009, before joining Ecopia, he was Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Aeterna (now Aeterna-Zentaris) for more than 5 years. From 1991 to 1999, he directed a research laboratory at the CHUL research center in Québec as an associate professor in the pharmacy department at Université Laval. He graduated from Université Laval with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology followed by 5 years at the Howard Hugues Medical Institute at Duke University in North Carolina with Dr. Marc Caron and Dr. Robert Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine). In addition, Dr. Falardeau sits on the Board of Directors of several companies and organizations in the Life Sciences sector.

Diane Gosselin

Member of the Board

An accomplished scientist and leader, Diane Gosselin holds a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology from Université de Montréal, as well as an Executive MBA from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Université Paris-Dauphine. She has been very involved in the financing of innovative biomedical research for over 20 years. Previously working for Fonds de solidarité FTQ and PROCRÉA BioScience, Diane Gosselin work, since 2012, as the President and Chief Executive Officer of CQDM, she worked on the inception of CQDM when she joined the company in 2008 as Vice President, Research and Business Development. In fulfilling her mandate at CQDM, Diane Gosselin has demonstrated the relevance and value of CQDM’s model by building an impressive portfolio of 75 outstanding technologies that impact biopharmaceutical research ($89M committed), engaging a national network of over 1200 researchers from 69 research institutions (38 public and 31 private) and involving 140 mentors from CQDM’s pharmaceutical partners. She has raised $70M in funding from 13 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as from the Governments of Quebec and Canada. Moreover, she has been actively expanding CQDM’s reach and vision across Canada and internationally. Diane Gosselin currently sits on the Board of Montreal lnVivo, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Ontario Genomics, CATALIS Quebec and CQDM. She has also Chaired the Board of Directors of CATALIS Quebec (2017-2019) and was a Board member of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) (2018-2019).

Gordon McCauley

Member of the Board

Gordon McCauley, BA, MBA, ICD.D was appointed President and CEO of adMare BioInnovations in 2016 after serving on the Board for four years. Mr. McCauley is an accomplished life science investor and executive. He has served as President and CEO of Viable Healthworks Corp., a national healthcare service business; Allon Therapeutics Inc., a neuroscience biotechnology company that developed novel therapeutics from pre-clinical to global phase 3 studies before being sold; and as Co-Founder and Partner of NDI Capital, an institutionally backed life-science investment fund. Mr. McCauley has also been a senior executive of several successful healthcare enterprises, and a senior advisor to several prominent Canadian political leaders. Mr. McCauley has served as a Director of a number of private and publicly traded companies. Currently, he is a Director of adMare (and a number of its portfolio and subsidiary companies), and Chairs the Board of both BIOTECanada, Canada’s national biotechnology industry organization, and CGEn, Canada’s national genomics enterprise. He has previously served as Chair of Life Sciences British Columbia, Acetech, The Toronto Rehab Foundation, and was a founding Director of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. In 2008, Mr. McCauley was the first Canadian appointed to the Board of The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) in Washington D.C., where he served in leadership positions until 2013.

Martin LeBlanc

Chairman of the Board

Martin is co-founder, President and CEO of CellCarta (previously known as Caprion Biosciences inc.), a leading provider of specialized proteomics and immune monitoring laboratory research services to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He is also a director of numerous private company and not-for-profit boards. Prior to CellCarta, Martin was a management consultant for McKinsey & Company as well as co-owner and senior executive of another successful biotech venture, Advanced Bioconcept. Martin earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Moncton prior to completing an M.A. in Economics and Politics at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

Audit/Finances Committee

Pierre Falardeau

Consultation Pharm-Asset Inc.

Véronique Bougie

SemaThera Inc

Governance/Nominations/Human Resources Committee

Jacques Milette


Jean-Maurice Plourde

Honorary Member, Montréal InVivo

Jean-Frédéric Lafontaine

TACT Conseil

Paula Wood-Adams

Concordia University