Montreal InVivo assumes a unifying leadership of all actors, whether they are organizations, institutions or companies working in this sector of Greater Montreal. We make sure to work with all stakeholders to strengthen the growth and competitiveness of the Life Science and Health Technology (LSHT) sector.


We are known for our mobilizing force, our voice as a privileged independent interlocutor for the public sector as well as our ability to initiate and lead structuring projects for the development of the sector. Montréal InVivo is a credible source of information and the reference for the LSHT sector.

Strategic priorities

Demonstrate the value added of the innovations to promote their integration in the market

Initiate pilot projects aimed at integrating innovation, Develop and/or support initiatives facilitating the development of tools that measure value creation.

Support the existing and aspiring niches of excellence, in conjunction with the Canada First projects

Continue to support existing niches (genomics, precision medicine, early clinical research, health IT/artificial intelligence), Establish partnerships with research institutes to support the “business” components of the Canada First projects and maximize their benefits.

Contribute to the growth of Quebec LSHT companies

Identify the priority drivers of growth for SMEs, Coordinate efforts to complete the financing chain, Develop the support offer proposed to SMEs.

Strive to enhance the competitiveness of the LSHT talent pool

Promote the emergence and retention of talent in the sector,  Work to align the initial training offer with companies’ future
needs in terms of expertise and skills, Establish partnerships to make available training programs that, Focus on the acquisition of interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral skills.