Montréal InVivo is a network facilitating discussion, mobilization and collaboration for the LSHT ecosystem.
We provide unifying leadership of all stakeholders in the Greater Montreal area to fuel and strengthen the sector’s growth, competitiveness and reputation.


We are known for our mobilizing force, our voice as a privileged independent interlocutor for the public sector as well as our ability to initiate and lead structuring projects for the development of the sector.

We are:

  • The catalyst and promoter of innovative, forward-looking and high-impact projects to further develop the sector;
  • The privileged independent interceder of the public authorities;
  • A solid source of reference for the LSHT ecosystem.


Standing out through an innovative, collaborative and sustainable life sciences and health ecosystem, unlike any other.

Strategic priorities

Contribute significantly to the adoption of LSHT technologies and practices developed in Québec.

Promote and support initiatives aimed at stimulating the development and adoption of innovations in Québec’s health network.

Strengthen the creation, growth and development of companies in the sector.

Develop an original service off er and build its capacity to better equip and support entrepreneurs

Attract in a more targeted and active manner a skilled and prolific workforce to support the sector over the long term.

Diversify its communication practices to be able to better promote careers and further enhance the value and appeal of the sector among young peoples.

Leverage the LSHT sector’s leading role in supporting the fight against the pandemic to make it an essential part of the economic recovery.

Bring together industry stakeholders in Québec working to increase productivity and commercialization of technologies and codevelop an offer dedicated to the LSHT sector.

Raise awareness in citizens of the impacts of LSHT innovation in Québec.

Launch and support new initiatives promoting citizen involvement in the LSHT innovation process.