The strength of an ecosystem

To meet the challenges of the sector, Montréal InVivo has the privilege of being able to rely on the work of six strategic committees, aligned along it’s areas of activity.

The work accomplished in these strategic committees composed by diversified members and representative of the ecosystem, enables needs to be identified, impactful solutions to be co-developed and required actions to then be implemented.

What is a Strategic Committee?

A strategic committee is a strategic think tank that allows for continuous consultation and mobilization of actors in the field on issues and opportunities in connection with the strategic committee’s theme. The strategic committee members represent the LSHT ecosystem in all its diversity and are selected based on their contribution to strategic thinking.

Generally, the members of strategic committees meet four times a year. Members are consulted on the projects and initiatives to be prioritized in the Montréal InVivo annual action plan.

The results of strategic committees are presented in detail for the LSHT community when the Annual activity report of Montréal InVivo is published.

Strategic committees

Skills and talent development

Develop, attract and retain talent to meet the needs of the LSHT sector in Greater Montréal. Make the players in the cluster aware of the importance of succession planning.

Strategic committees

Entreprise Development

Assist the Board of MIV in establishing and implementing a strategy to develop world-class companies within the LSHT cluster.

Strategic committees

Integration of innovation

Foster a cultural change to establish sustainable, multidisciplinary partnerships and drive the development of a culture of innovation. Develop innovation integration initiatives intended to improve the efficiency of the health care network, the health of populations and economic growth.

Strategic committees

Artificial intelligence

Promote the economic development of a life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) sector in life sciences and health technologies powered by AI, from the diagnostic to therapy and so for health prevention.

  1. Development and growth of AI – LSHT organizations.
  2. Development and growth of LSHT organizations through AI application.
Strategic committees

Research and innovation

Strategic committees

Issues monitoring and management

Ensure a “watchdog” role, providing strategy and direction in the identification of problems and trends affecting the industry and how they are managed as issues (research-investigation-strategies), trying to cover a very broad spectrum of stakeholders in the cluster.