Mobilizing the LSHT ecosystem

Montréal InVivo is a key player in mobilizing the life sciences ecosystem:

  • We federate all stakeholders around working tables;
  • We define common challenges and opportunities within the sector and co-develop solutions;
  • We connect local players and create opportunities for collaboration through high value-added events and networking activities;
  • We work with other clusters and jurisdictions to maximize the impact of our actions.


Powered by the B2B/2GO platform, Montréal InVivo offers B2B Thursdays, a monthly get-together with players in the LSHT ecosystem to schedule virtual one-on-one meetings.

The benefits of participating in B2B Thursdays:

  • You benefit from an accessible, free platform every month
  • You have the opportunity to create strategic partnerships and find potential contributors for your projects
  • You can take part in round-table discussions with panelists who are experts in their fields on various life science and health technology issues
  • You are part of a community of over 600 ecosystem stakeholders


Montréal InVivo is committed to creating and participating in a wide range of ecosystem events in line with its various strategic priorities. Our active presence, both face-to-face and virtual, further enhances the ecosystem’s outreach.

In 2018, Montréal InVivo initiated EFFERVESCENCE, a major event co-organized with 15 partners to build business relationships and identify partnership and investment opportunities.


Montréal InVivo is committed to maintaining regular conversations with people in the ecosystem to better understand their needs. These meetings help us to identify gaps to be filled and to mobilize the various players in the sector within the framework of impactful projects. These exchanges greatly contribute to the economic development of our sector and its spinoffs for the province.


Through its exchanges with members of the ecosystem, Montréal InVivo mobilizes the sector by means of surveys to better understand certain needs, issues and opportunities in the life sciences sector.

Project committees

In its new 2021-2024 strategic plan, Montréal InVivo has developed its operating model while keeping its mission and core activities intact (business intelligence, mobilization/networking, structuring projects, outreach, support for entrepreneurship).

Its strategic committees are now project committees, to which Montréal InVivo invites its partners and other experts as required by the project. These committees:

  • Achieve a 360-degree approach aligned along its five areas of intervention;
  • Attain greater agility;
  • Adjust the size of the committees based on project needs (more agile and focused);
  • Stimulate the mobilization of participants according to their areas of interest;
  • Facilitate more frequent meetings adjusted according to project needs;
  • Ensure better defined deliverables and timelines.
Here are just a few examples of the mobilizing initiatives undertaken by Montréal InVivo over the years:

Through its activities, it creates impact and spin-offs for the entire LSHT sector in Québec.

For the partners

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