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Strengthen the creation, growth and development of companies
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Attract in a more targeted
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Contribute significantly to the adoption of innovations
Make the LSHT sectors an essential part of the economic recovery

Find a financing program that will fit your business!

With the ongoing intention of promoting and fostering the economic development and growth of the life sciences and health technologies sector in Quebec, Montréal InVivo hosts on its website a tool built by Fundica that will help you find the perfect financing program for your business.

Created through the initiative of Montréal InVivo in 2011, BIOSUCCÈS mission is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs in the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) sector by offering them the support of experienced mentors from the sector.

Entrepreneurial spotlight videos

Success stories :
Entrepreneurial spotlight videos

December 12, 2020
Duration: 02:10

MIMs – Sarah Jenna, Co-Founder and CEO, discusses the development of artificial intelligence applied to life sciences and the importance of solidarity between women entrepreneurs: “It is in this constantly changing environment that collaboration between female entrepreneurs is so strong. We need to focus on helping each other. “

November 11, 2020
Duration: 03:11

THERATECHNOLOGIES – Paul Lévesque, President and CEO, tells you about the company and its promising future: “ Theratechnologies will continue to grow and in my biggest dreams, we would have other molecules that would come to us in partnership with research in the Montreal region and would continue to develop a business model in this way, at the research level. ”

December 12, 2018
Duration: 03:27

REPARE THERAPEUTICS – “ Montréal seemed to be the ideal site for a new company because of the extensive experience of pharma-trained scientists that we have here, who are able to bring their experience in drug discovery to address the problems that we are identifying in cancer. ”

December 12, 2018
Duration: 03:10

OPEN SCIENCE INSTITUTE (NEURO) – “The concept of open science refers to the idea of sharing materials and the data that’s generated openly, without barriers.”

Discover more about the Open Science Institute, this innovative initiative that combines neuroscience research and the clinical setting, with Dr. Rouleau, neurologist and director of the NEURO.

June 06, 2017
Duration: 03:00

BIOGENIQ – “In my opinion, one of the qualities needed to be a good entrepreneur is, above all, humility. In the area of high-tech science, it’s impossible to know everything, but what is especially important is that you surround yourself with the best people.”

Étienne Crevier, Chief Executive Officer of BiogeniQ, will speak to you about his entrepreneurial dream and about how he developed it.

Update: Biron Groupe Santé announced on February 20, 2018 the complete acquisition of BiogeniQ.

May 05, 2017
Duration: 03:43

HEXOSKIN – Known for their biometric garments, Hexoskin is a connected health company that is also a software company, gathering and analyzing data from biometric garments to make such data accessible to those wearing the garments, but also to health professionals.

Hear Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hexoskin, discuss his methods that have allowed this company to carve out a place for itself in the field of life sciences and health technologies.

April 04, 2017
Duration: 03:35

BIO-K+ – “In business, you need to believe in something and never give up on your idea. When you believe in something, you go for it and that’s how you can develop innovations!” Now an international company, BioK+ took shape as a result of a meeting between Claude Chevalier and a French scientist from the Institut pasteur.

Learn more about the story of BioK+; about the idea in the beginning until its commercialization.