Last Friday, the board of directors of Montréal InVivo enthusiastically approved Montréal InVivo’s new strategic plan for 2021-2024. This plan is the result of a rigorous process involving many brainstorming sessions within the team, more than 40 in-depth interviews with senior ecosystem leaders, and fruitful discussions with our business partners and members of our strategic committees. We started this thinking process over a year ago, in a time of pandemic, with issues and challenges abounding, but also with emerging opportunities and new perspectives that will certainly shape the next four years for the cluster.

In a nutshell, as members of the metropolitan life sciences and health technologies cluster, this strategic plan is, above all, yours. It focuses on five areas of intervention, or intervention axes. The first three (innovation, talent and businesses) are in line with what we had started in the previous strategic cycle. However, the broad consultations revealed the need to address emerging issues by creating two new intervention axes, namely citizens’ acceptance of innovations in life sciences and the strategic positioning of the sector as an engine of Québec’s economy recovery. Our action plan will therefore reflect these additions to meet the needs expressed by the sector. And in order to be more agile, more responsive and adopt an approach that covers our five intervention axes, we will soon announce some changes to our operational model. The is a necessary and beneficial change for Montréal InVivo, but also for all stakeholders in the cluster. Stay tuned for further details…

Finally, have you taken advantage of the early bird rate to buy your ticket to EFFERVESCENCE 2021? Once again this year, the program is incredibly diverse. From March 15 to 17, you will be able to attend sessions on current and cutting-edge topics, take inspiring training, discover the Étoiles EFFERVESCENCE (EFFERVESCENCE Stars), experience a live pitch of start-ups, take part in a press conference during which important news will be announced, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this! The virtual format will facilitate greater participation from those outside Québec and we will therefore be able to build relationships with potential new partners. I would like to remind you that the success of EFFERVESCENCE depends entirely on you and your participation. We all need to be ambassadors for this local event which raises the profile of our sector, encourages the next generation of leaders, helps our companies grow and promotes excellence in Québec research and in our innovations. Register and encourage your colleagues and partners to do the same. This year, more than ever, it’s time to show the strength and vitality of life sciences in Québec.

Frank Béraud