After two years of pandemic that required us to rethink the systems and infrastructure in place, here is an armed conflict that leaves me speechless. I imagine that this is the case for you too? Like everyone else, I am affected by the images I see and the human suffering in this major conflict. I also have a lot of questions running through my head about how we will react to this new chapter in history. Every leader needs predictability, stability to be able to manage his or her organization in the medium term. We need to think about and prepare ourselves for the possible repercussions of the conflict in Europe on our economy, our sector and even on the comfort of our own lives. And we will need adapt once again to the changing conditions of our environment. I am confident that our life sciences and health technology organizations will be able to do so, as the past is the guarantee of the future in this matter.

One of these adaptations is the growing awareness of the need to raise our game in terms of cybersecurity. From the start-up that needs to protect its intellectual property from malicious intrusions to the company that markets healthcare solutions that bring it into contact with customer or patient data, all organizations in the sector will have to ensure that they are as impervious as possible to potential cyberattacks. This issue is becoming increasingly critical and Montreal InVivo will be making it a priority in the coming months. We are currently establishing collaborative arrangements with other industrial clusters facing the same issues and willing to pool resources and develop concerted actions together. I will be pleased to keep you informed.

Finally, before concluding, I absolutely must talk to you about EFFERVESCENCE 2022. Tickets have been on sale since February 15. Some portions of the program have been announced on the event’s website and on social media. I invite you to take advantage of the early bird rate and to register before March 25th. I know we tend to buy our ticket in the last few days before an event, but if you want to spare the stress level of the 17 co-organizers, your early registration is the best solution. I will be there with my entire team to meet you IN PERSON!!!