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December 12, 2020
Duration: 03:19

The pharmacoeconomist intervenes in the development cycle of new products at the market access stage. He or she conducts economic evaluations and budget impact analyses. He or she compares, for example, the cost-effectiveness ratio of a new drug with existing treatments and may make the connection with the impacts for the systems in place.

Main duties

1. Design or develop biomedical equipment or procedures

2. Evaluate equipment or procedures (safety, effectiveness and efficiency)

3. Install adjust, repair and ensure technical assistance for biomedical equipment

4. Ensure training is provided to the users of biomedical equipment

5. Ensure technological and scientific monitoring

Academic training


Undergraduate studies

Bachelor of Economics or related field

Bachelor of Biopharmaceutical sciences


Graduate studies

Master’s degree in Drug Development

Master’s degree in health technologies assessment

Master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences

Master’s degree in drug and population health

Specialized graduate diploma in drug development

Short graduate program (Master’s level) in health technology assessment

Short graduate program (Master’s level) in  pharmaceutical research, development and assessment


Postgraduate studies

Ph.D. in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Ph.D in pharmaceutical sciences

Université de Montréal

Continuous training

Continuous training in pharmaceutical sciences

Hiring sub-sectors

Innovative Pharmaceuticals
Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)
Contract Research Organizations (CRO)
Medical Technologies
Health IT / AI
Natural Health Products

Profile of required skills



  • Demonstrate proficiency in the development cycle
  • Take an interest in the development of regulations
  • Know the regulations (SC, CEPMB)
  • Marketing et lancement de produit
  • Develop and maintain one’s network
  • Bilingualism
  • Develop quality awareness
  • Manage priorities
  • Understand the economic and regulatory environment
  • Understand market access and drug price-setting methods
  • Master the principles of pharmacoeconomics and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Understand the health care system in Canada

Industry opportunities


Required profile

• Work experience (3-5 years) in public organizations or consulting services
• Cross-cutting knowledge of the industry

Prospects – Findings

Neutral outlook with reduced R&D investments, but advanced expertise needed to analyze profitability and market niche and curative products

Average salary
77 000$