Why use the fundraising tool ?

There are many benefits to using Fundica’s smart fundraising tool.

  • Creating an account for all businesses, regardless of industry and size, is free of charge;
  • The custom filtering system allows you to sort the results using more than 35 search criteria according to your needs and activities;
  • You can get the full list of the most relevant financing programs for your business under 30 seconds.

Plus, the Fundica search tool lets you quickly identify accelerators, incubators, tax credits, loan guarantees, government loans, and grants that best suit your business needs.

Accelerators and incubators

Accelerators and Incubators are organizations that offer a range of support and funding services to help certain businesses.

Tax credits

Tax credits are the potential reductions and government returns on taxes payable associated with certain types of investments.

Loan guarantees

When the government guarantees a loan, it agrees to repay part or all of the amounts granted to the company in the event of default by the contractor.

Government loans

Government loans are repayable financial contributions. These loans usually come with more favorable terms than other non-government loans.

Government grants

Government grants are not refundable. These grants generally support specific objectives.