Dear friends of the life sciences, EFFERVESCENCE 2024 is fast approaching! This must-attend event for Quebec’s life sciences community is a celebration of all of us, of our passion and dedication to the sector. 

Everyone in the ecosystem knows or has heard of EFFERVESCENCE. But did you know that we designed this event for you, to meet your needs, your goals and, of course, your reality? And that without you, the event simply loses its purpose? For two days, we’ll be attending inspiring conferences, meeting key players in life sciences innovation, discovering the latest trends and opportunities in the field, and networking with passionate professionals.  

You know as well as I do that when we get together, great things can be achieved. Imagine yourself surrounded by people as passionate as you, exchanging ideas, discovering new technologies and talking about the challenges that lay ahead. This is precisely what EFFERVESCENCE is all about – a big dose of inspiration and camaraderie. 

Whether you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, an investor, a student or simply curious, you will find your place in this dynamic and stimulating event. You will leave with ideas, contacts, projects, and above all, energy and motivation. What’s more, EFFERVESCENCE offers a platform for those crucial interactions that could have a big impact on your own future 

I am really counting on you to meet us there and make this 5th edition nothing short of unforgettable! Together, we are stronger. Together, we are EFFERVESCENCE. So, let’s all go to EFFERVESCENCE 2024 !  

Frank Béraud