Due partly to technology and changing user expectations, healthcare in Canada is transitioning from a 19th-century institution that treated illness in hospitals, to a system that puts the power back into Canadians’ hands. This has direct implications for all Canadians, and not just the nearly 2 million people who work in healthcare. From the experts developing innovative digital health tools today, to the young Canadians who will one day step into health-related jobs we haven’t dreamed of yet, the future of health will look nothing like its bricks-and-mortar past. All impacted by healthcare -patients, families, clinicians, public institutions and the private sector have been on a journey to reimagine how healthcare is organized, financed and delivered in years to come.
The COVID pandemic has amplified the need for this in many areas, accelerated progress in some trajectories (such as virtual care), while reversing progress in others (ageism and patient choice, for example). Join us to hear Dr. Zayna Khayat, an “applied futurist” with home healthcare social enterprise SE Health, and faculty member at Singularity University, discuss the future of healthcare in Canada, and the next normal (or lack thereof) post COVID. With a long track record for healthcare innovation, Dr. Khayat brings powerful perspective, and insights into what citizens, employers, and policy-makers must do today to enable or even catalyze a positive change tomorrow.

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