This year, we are aiming to host our largest symposium yet. We are excited to showcase the cutting-edge research conducted by McGill graduate students and professors relating to the research themes of computational biology, biomaterials and regenerative medicine, micro- and nano-engineering, biomedical imaging, neural engineering, and diagnostics and therapeutics. There will be a total of 6 professor presentations along with 12 student presentations for these six research themes.

In addition, there will be presentations on some of the most innovative and impactful research in neuroscience & informatics (Dr. Evans), brain diagnostics (Dr. Leblond), and deep learning in genomics (Dr. Cohen), as well as the importance of ethics (Dr. Kimmelman). It is without doubt that with the extraordinary progress of biomedical research, the importance of ethics must be considered as we continue to pursue our scientific discoveries and endeavors. New additions to this year’s symposium are industry partner and start-up exhibitions, which are meant to foster and strengthen the relationship between academia and industry.

The symposium is open to all students, academics, industry professionals, and individuals who are interested in biological and biomedical engineering. We look forward to have you join us this year!