This workshop is aimed at those involved in the life sciences wishing to participate in the positioning of biofabrication in Quebec.

Join us at this workshop, which will be the first discussion of a global initiative to promote and improve expertise in biofabrication in Quebec.

Montreal InVivo, in collaboration with McGill University, has put together a program of inspiring presentations offered by experts in research, industry and academic institutions in biofabrication. Reflection and discussion sessions will also be facilitated during this workshop to give you the opportunity to express yourself on biofabrication. How to position biofabrication in Quebec and where will it be in 5 or 10 years? What are the existing local capacities and how to train talents that will meet the needs of the sector?

You will find a large number of experts who will also give their opinion on the benefits of expertise in biofabrication.

Detailed planning for the event is pending.


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