Join us on February 13th to hear from Jordan Young from Repare Therapeutics, a Montreal & Boston based leading biotech company in the field of precision oncology that recently raised US$82.5M in series B financing. Jordan joined Repare Therapeutics in 2017 to lead an innovative Target Discovery Platform called SNIPRx™. This platform combines CRISPR-enabled gene editing, computation biology, and clinical informatics to identify mutations in cancer cells that would allow precision oncology drugs to be toxic to cancer cells but harmless to normal cells.

During this talk, Jordan Young will share the story of Repare Therapeutics and describe how the technology developed by 3 scientists became one of the top academic spinouts of 2017, according to Nature Biotechnology. Jordan will also describe how Repare’s platform uses CRISPR to discover new drug targets and how it can help identifying patients that are more likely to respond to precision oncology drugs.

Students, researchers, and entrepreneurs are welcome to participate in this dialogue for the advancement of impactful technologies to develop precisely targeted cancer therapies that save lives.