Three entrepreneurs will tell us about latest work:

  • Pierre-Alexandre Fournier is co-founder and CEO of Hexoskin, a Montreal-based company focused on clinical-grade wearable sensors and AI software for health and clinical research. Hexoskin was founded in 2006 and launched in 2013 the first iPhone compatible smart clothing for health monitoring, which won several international awards. In 2018 Hexoskin launched a remote health monitoring system for astronauts to the International Space Station. Pierre-Alexandre is also an advocate for transparency in healthcare, patient empowerment, and healthcare innovation through design.
  • Nicolas Tremblay, Founder of NeuroServo Inc.. Nicolas is an electrical engineer specialized in high-precision robotics (nanometer displacements), he has 20 years of experience in design of robotic systems, electronic, software and firmware. In 2015, Nicolas founded NeuroServo Inc., building on his past expertise and the acquired concepts of precision in robotics, Nicolas managed to create the first NeuroServo product that already has an excellent reputation, namely a Bluetooth EEG system hidden in a specialized high-end cap for detection and work on attention. Today, NeuroServo is completing the development of a new portable electroencephalogram (EEG) tool to detect delirium in hospital settings at an early stage. This new project, which goes into clinical trials in April 2019, has also won the “health” prize of Cooperathon 2018.
  • Ferdinand Ephrem, Founder and Director of Saintrino Technologies Inc., and Co-founder of NeuroTechX. As Founder and Director of Saintrino Technologies Inc., and co-founder of NeuroTechX Ferdinand brings a wealth of experience in Brain Computer Interaction (BCI), Management Information Systems, Consulting, Project Management and User Experience. Saintrino Technologies has developed expertise in neurotechnology, in particular integrating data from different sources, such as EEG and eye tracking used within research or industrial projects. Working in cooperation with many academic, and non-profit organizations, his team provides academic innovations a chance to become implemented in real world applications.

The evening will end with a networking session accompanied by snacks and refreshments.
Presentations will be in French but Questions and discussions are bilingual.