With the ChatGPT revolution, new laws being developed to regulate access to health information, and applications revolutionizing patient care, there has never been a better time to engage in discussions and become familiar with the tools and issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

This interactive and participatory space at EFFERVESCENCE is designed to give you unique access to:

  • A public consultation by Montreal InVivo to express your opinion on 4 questions related to the use of health data and to share your thoughts as a concerned citizen;
  • Demonstrations of innovative and fun AI applications in healthcare developed by Quebec companies;
  • Resources and training to further your exploration of AI in healthcare, with experts from Mila, IVADO, CRIM, and Montreal InVivo.

Project description

Montreal InVivo supports the development of the AI in health subsector through 3 projects aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Drawing inspiration from best practices worldwide to improve understanding and citizen engagement in order to develop a roadmap for the responsible and socially acceptable development of AI in health;
  2. Conducting a comparative study of the functioning of health data access centers for research and innovation around the world, and highlighting the modalities chosen by states to provide secure and seamless access to data to private researchers collaborating with or without the public;
  3. Establishing a technological showcase for AI in health that presents concrete uses of AI health solutions to the public and healthcare professionals in order to familiarize them with the positive impacts as well as the limitations of this technology.

Do you have questions or would like to get involved?