Maximize Your Professional Networking Opportunities

Use our B2B platform and take advantage of numerous benefits for business development and professional networking. You can easily establish direct connections with other companies, discover new collaboration opportunities, and access a diverse network of industry professionals. Our platform also facilitates tracking interactions and managing your business relationships, allowing you to maximize your networking efforts and increase your visibility in the industry. Enjoy these benefits by joining our dynamic community and participating in our online networking sessions.

How to Network at an Event?

  1. Update Your Availability

When a new event is posted on the platform, ensure that your availability for meetings is up-to-date. Click on the Agenda tab to adjust your availability. The platform will use this information to schedule your appointments.

  1. Check the Participant Tab

The Participant tab lists all the members of the community. Use the filter tool on the left to refine your search. You can explore profiles and identify the ones most interesting to you using the “Match” and “Super Match” buttons.

  1. Send Meeting Requests

When you find an interesting profile, click on it and select Meet on the right to send a meeting request.


  1. Keep and Eye on Your Emails

Once your request is accepted, you will receive an email notification. The meeting will be automatically added to your agenda.

How to Connect to Our B2B Platform and Network Effectively?

Welcome to our B2B platform dedicated to professionals in life sciences and health technologies! Your multi-event platform is the go-to place for education, networking, and participation in activities. As a true hub for sharing and exchange, your year-round platform offers the opportunity to stay updated with community news, benefit from networking opportunities, and participate in various activities from different horizons, all with ease! Here is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate, network, and make the most of your experience during our event.

How to Prepare for the Event ?

  1. Log In and Check Your Meeting Requests

Access your profile to see if you have any new meeting requests or messages. There’s still time to send requests!

  1. Review Your Event Schedule

Check your schedule and export it to your Outlook, iCal, or as a PDF file for better organization.


On the Day of the Event

  1. Close All Unnecessary Applications on Your Computer

To avoid distractions and ensure that your microphone and camera connect only to the B2B/2GO technology, close all non-essential applications on your computer. This will also help optimize your internet connection.

  1. Check the Latest Version of Your B2B/2GO Schedule

Your schedule may be updated with new meetings throughout the event. Make sure to check the most recent version. You will receive a notification a few minutes before each of your meetings begins.

  1. Access the Virtual Meeting Rooms

Access links to the rooms will be available through your schedule. Please do not enter the rooms before the scheduled time.

After the Event

1. Keep the Conversation Going

The platform will remain open after the event, year-round! Use the chat tool to continue discussions online. The smart directory will also remain available online so you can easily find resources to connect with at any time!

2. Stay Alert for Future Opportunities

Other events will be posted on the platform almost every month throughout the year. Check the platform and our email communications regularly so you don’t miss out!

Virtual Rooms - Technical Elements

  1. Supported Browsers

The platform is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

  1. Features of Virtual Rooms
  • Camera and Microphone: Enable your camera and microphone for interactive exchanges.
  • Text Chat: Use instant messaging to share links or quick information.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your desktop, a specific application, PowerPoint, or PDF files (videos not supported).

By following these steps, you will be well-prepared to maximize your experience on our B2B platform. Network effectively, schedule meetings, and get ready to make meaningful connections in the life sciences and health technologies sector.