I am fortunate to be supported by a very high-level board of directors. I always appreciate the unique strategic perspective of its members in our discussions on issues in our sector. I had another fine example at last month’s meeting during the discussion on Montreal InVivo’s strategic planning that took us to new grounds for the cluster and for the sector. I am thinking in particular of the new challenges that have clearly emerged, such as the need to support our sector in a transformation in which issues of sustainability and inclusion are being seriously considered or even the notion of social innovation and mobilization of patients and citizens in order to facilitate the social acceptability of our actions and innovations. I cannot yet tell you how this will be reflected in our organization’s next strategic plan, but rest assured that these issues will be very much in the forefront of our thoughts and actions moving forward.

How do we not talk about the best show in town these days? The American elections! They are reminding us more and more of the weather in Montreal this fall. We never know what season morning will bring. Faced with a likely renewal of administration, what changes can be expected? How will this affect business relations with our neighbours? Apart from the desirable and welcome change in tone in the discussions, I don’t think the sector is going to see much change. The willingness to buy “made in USA” will not lessen in the near future. Business relationships will have to be built around even stronger partnerships with our companies’ customers and suppliers. But in the context of a pandemic for many months to come, and therefore limited outings and physical meetings, how can we develop strong relationships with potential partners? Wouldn’t a solution be to develop some sort of provincial B2B virtual platform for the entire sector? An online meeting place that could also recreate the impromptu interactions we develop when we attend a convention or trade show? Sounds like a nice project to include in the new version of the Québec Life Sciences Strategy.

What do you think?