Created at the initiative of Montréal InVivo in 2011, the BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network’s mission is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs in the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) sector, by offering them the support of experienced mentors from the sector. To support its mission, the BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network is affiliated with the Réseau Mentorat de la Fondation de l’entrepreneuriat and acts within it as a specialized LSHT unit for all of Quebec.

Project description

The Network brings together a group of seasoned mentors, all of whom come from the LSHT sector and have a keen understanding of the specific issues in this sector. It allows entrepreneurs to better understand the subtleties of the sector, acquire the right entrepreneurial reflexes in this industry, facilitate navigation in a regulated environment, optimize the steps of the commercialization cycle and be part of a business community and take part in exclusive activities offered by Montréal InVivo.

Interested in getting involved as a mentor ?

Contact us to learn more about being a mentor in the BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network.

Why be mentored ?

The first few years as an entrepreneur are often the most demanding and intense, especially in the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) sector. Everything is moving so quickly, and the pressure falls on the entrepreneur’s shoulders and those close to him or her have little understanding of this reality in which the entrepreneur finds him or herself. Alone at the top, caught between his or her vision, operations, research and financing, the entrepreneur must make decisions, sometimes quickly, that will guide the company’s long-term future, at a stage when his or her experience in making this type of decision is quite limited.

Support makes all the difference !

Why become a mentor ?

There are many motivations for becoming a mentor, and many are personal, but those most commonly expressed are:

  • Participating concretely in Quebec’s prosperity and economic development;
  • Contributing to the success of young entrepreneurs and giving them the benefit of his or her own experience;
  • Giving to the next generation (giving back) or giving what you wish you would have received in the beginning;
  • Helping to ensure the succession of existing businesses;
  • Continuing to serve the company and remaining active in a dynamic network, even after retirement;
  • Continuing to learn;
  • Being in touch with the new generation and new technologies;
  • Being part of a dynamic and recognized network.

The BIOSUCCES mentoring network brings together :

volunters mentors

Entrepreneurs who are supported by a mentor are more likely to develop a viable business. I therefore feel that having Samir by my side considerably increases my success.

Dr. Jaime Padros, BioAuxilium and mentor for BIOSUCCÈS

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