The place of women in the workplace is a hot topic that affects all sectors of activity. The statistics speak for themselves: wage gap, more men than women in management positions, the dilemma between professional and personal life, etc. Since 2019, Montréal InVivo has been addressing the issue of women’s representation and cultural diversity in its industry.

Project description

As various initiatives are being developed to increase the number of women in leadership positions, the LSHT sector needs to take stock of the current status of women in leadership positions, establish measurement targets and identify solutions to promote parity and equity.

Once the sectoral goals have been established, this committee will focus on developing a quantitative and qualitative study to take stock of the situation. Various initiatives will then be set up to promote the representation of women in management positions in the life sciences as well as the representation of people from culturally diverse backgrounds in all areas of the ecosystem.

Interested in working on the development of measures for the parity and diversity in life sciences committee ?

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