Ideas often originate in one brain; however, ideas also grow and develop as we interact with others. Our family, friends, colleagues and even new people we meet enable us to solidify those ideas by adding new perspectives. These ideas bring people together in addition to bringing together a sector.

We gathered together, students, entrepreneurs and managers, on Friday afternoon to collaboratively produce a creative and inspiring project.

At Montréal InVivo, our ideas emerge from the collective intelligence formed by those involved in the life sciences and health technologies sector. This dialogue enables us to develop mobilizing projects and put agreements into action.

On Friday, October 25, Montréal InVivo invited a few stakeholders in the life sciences and health technologies sector to gather around a project. These professionals agreed to be staged in a video shooting that closely followed the journey of a student-researcher who successfully completed  the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Positioning themselves side by side, these stakeholders created a strong image that speaks for itself. Women, men, professionals and students gave us the opportunity to experience a magical moment that defied words. All together, these stakeholders represented the desire of a sector in which gender equality and diversity are associated with success and a thriving economy.

This initiative is part of an agreement between Montréal InVivo and the previously announced Ville de Montréal program, “Accélérer l’entrepreneuriat.” This video clip is the first in a series of actions to support diversity in the life sciences entrepreneurship community.


We are very pleased to have had the opportunity of having all these women entrepreneurs and leaders with us while we were implementing this idea. A big thank you to all of you for your valuable participation and dedication.


Denise Cloutier, Pfizer Canada

Margaux Manant, CHU Sainte-Justine and Mosaic HEC Montréal

Véronique Bougie, Mperia Therapeutics

Geneviève Guertin, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Shelley Epstein, Imagia

Brigitte Lespérance, Aligo

Nadine Beauger, IRICoR

Christina Mastromonaco, student researcher at McGill University


We would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the two producers, also young entrepreneurs, who combine rigour and creativity.

Barbara Lajeunesse, Sarah Leblond, Prémisse – Boîte créative



Véronique Rochefort

Project Coordinator and Communications

Montréal InVivo