Are you a researcher, a company or R&D centre? TecnioSpring Industry is for you!
TecnioSpring Industry is Catalonia’s international talent programme, it boosts technology transfer processes by offering companies and R&D centres 2-year employment contracts to host a researcher.

With a budget of 11M EUR and co-financed by the H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions in the European Union, TecnioSpring Industry plans to award 72 fellowships for the 2019-2024 period.

Are you an innovative Canadian company? Do you have an R&D project with a Catalan company?Have a look at NUCLIS!
NUCLIS is Catalonia’s Call for Industrial Research and Experimental Development Funding. NUCLIS grants are available for TRL3 to TRL7, and finance R&D projects to obtain prototypes and demonstrations of new products, processes, technologies. The aim is to promote R&D partnership projects between Catalan & Canadian firms and institutions. The project needs to have a budget of at least 150,000 EUR. Catalan companies can receive a direct and non-refundable grant of up to 200,000 EUR.

These funds are compatible with various Canadian funds, including NRC-IRAP and GCCIR. Now is your chance to launch your R&D project with a Catalan partner who can apply to the current NUCLIS grant.